Interior decoration engineering management

Interior decoration engineering management

High-quality team: a mature team of professionals, with strong technology strength, clear division of work and skilled cooperation. (design & construction)

Improve efficiency: result-oriented, reduce interior review, approval and management procedures of owners and improve daily working circulation efficiency.

Communicate with all parties: in large-scale projects, the coordination and communication of all parties involved is a huge workload. The professional interior decoration management team can be familiar with the positions and demands of all parties, and coordinates and communicates with all parties from the points of view of the owner.

Save cost: reduce the owner’s cost of recruitment and training to build a team, the trial-and-error cost caused by the lack of professional quality of recruiters, and the hidden cost caused by personnel turnover.

Agent of Party A: on-site management/cost control/all kinds of declaration business/coordinate and adjust related design units and construction units